The beeline recruiting team

Get to know our recruiting team and find out how they bring their individual strengths to the team and why they have chosen to work at beeline.

As the Talent Acquisition Coordinator for North America at beeline, I serve as the key point of contact for our District Managers, overseeing all aspects of recruiting and onboarding for our hourly positions. As a dedicated professional, I thrive on being a people person, providing valuable support wherever it's needed. Outside of the professional world, you'll find me enjoying outdoor walks, cooking healthy vegetarian meals, and having cozy movie nights. Also, I have been interested in all things fashion and beauty for most of my life, so coming to beeline was an exciting transition! I am thrilled to continue contributing to beeline's success and ensure a seamless talent acquisition process for our team.


As the Talent Acquisition Manager for North America at beeline, I spearhead the sourcing, selection, and hiring strategy for both hourly and salaried positions across Beeline North America. My passion lies in assisting others and delivering top-notch customer service to every candidate. The gratification of knowing that I can positively impact individuals by placing them in their dream job is incredibly fulfilling. Beyond work, I cherish moments with my family, enjoy socializing with friends, and have a keen interest in exploring new destinations through travel.